On 14.10.2015 we have started from Burdwan by Kalka mail. Scheduled time was 20.49. It was 1.30 hrs late. It reached Kalka at 9.00, approximately 4.30 hrs late. Shivalik express started at around 10.00 and reached Shimla on 15.00.

We stayed at Hotel The White at Mall Road, Shimla on 16.10.2015.


Next day we had visited famous Bhimakali Temple and Palace at Sarahan. After taking  lunch at hotel we had stared for Sangla at around 12 noon.  We had reached Sangla at around 17.00. Distance is 77 km. But road condition was very bad.

At Chitkul we had stayed at Rani Guest House. We had visited temple at Chitkul.

 Next day we had visited Rohi Village and Chini Village near Kalpa.

 Next day we had visited Padam Palace at Rampur and started for Shimla at around 12 noon and reached Shimla at around 15.30.

Next day we have started from Shimla at around 12 noon for Sarahan and reached Sarahan at around 18.00. Distance is 161 km. Road condition is good.

 At Sangla we had stayed at Hotel Prakash. Hotel was good but service was not at per. After seeing fort and temple at Sangla (after doing 3+3 km walk) we had started for Chitkul at around 12.00 noon and had reached Chitkul at around 14.00.  Distance is 21 km.

 Next day we had gone upto army check post at India-China border i.e. 3 km from Chitkul. The day was little bit cloudy. At around 10.00 we have started for Kalpa. We had reached Kalpa at around 15.00. Distance is 77 km. For next two days we had stayed at hotel White Nest at Kalpa.

 Next day we had started from Kalpa at around 12 noon and reached Rampur at around 16.00. Distance is 100km. We had stayed at Hotel Great Sangrila.

  At Shimla we had stayed at hotel Oksland. For next two days we had visited Mall of Shimla, Shimla Kalibari, Jakoji temple and Visnadebi temple near Shimla. On 27.10.2015 we had taken Shivalik express to reach Kalka. From Kalka we had taken Kalka mail on the same day and had reached Burdwan on 27.10.2015 morning.

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