On 20.9.2017 we have started from Burdwan. Doon express arrived at right time at Burdwan Station i.e. 22.35  On 22.9.2017 we have reached at Haridwar at around 11.00 am. Doon express was 6 hours late. We have stayed at Shindri Dharmasala at Upper Road, Room rent  was Rs 800 per day. Haridwar for that day. At afternoon we have seen Arati at Haridwar. Weather was not good. It was raining..

On 23.9.2017 we have started for Rudraprayag at around 9 am. It is 161 km from Hardwar. Due to landslide regular road was blocked. We have to go by another road. It took 7 hours. Driver took Rs 350 per person. We have stayed at Hotel Tulsi. We got a 4 bedded room at Rs 800 per day. 

On 24.9.2017 we have booked a car at Rs 2000 for Kanakchouri. Distance is 40 km. On the way we have seen Rudraprayag and Koteswar temple. At round 1.00 pm we have reached at Kanakchouri. Only place to stay here is the Mayadeep Holiday Home . Cottage rent was Rs 800. Solar energy was the source of light.

On 25.9.2017 we have stated our trekking at around 4.20 am with our Guide cum porter Mr. Ballabh Singh Negi (M. No. 9756843948, 8859806924). at reached Kartikswami temple at 5.50 am after 3 km trek. Altitude 10000 ft. We have seen some of the snow peaks. We have started at around 7.00 am and reached  Kanakchouri at 8.00 am. We took breakfast there and reached Pokri by shared jeep. Rent Rs 40 per person. From Pokri we took another shared jeep and reached Karnaprayag. Rent Rs 60 per person. We took our lunched at Karnaprayag and booked a car for Badrinath. At around 4.00 pm we have reached to Badrinath. We took a 4 bedded room at Rs 800 per day of Mandir Samity at Badrinath.

On 26.9.2017 we have seen Badrinath temple.
On 27.9.2017 we have seen Mana Gram at around 8.00 am. Last gram of India. Then we have started for Chopta. We have haired a car at Rs 3800. We have reached Chopta at 2.00 pm. Altitude 8790 ft. We have taken a 3 bedded room at Rs 800 per day. Solar energy was the source of light. 
On 28.9.2017 morning, after taking breakfast we have started from Chopta at 9.30 am and reached Tunganath at 11.30 am after 4 km trekking. Altitude 12703 ft. We have taken a 3 bedded room at Kali Kamli Dharmashala at Rs 600.00 per day. Then we gave our Puja at Tunganath Temple. At evening we have seen Arati at the temple.
On 29.9.2017 morning 4.20 am we have started for Chandrashila. at around 5.15 am we have reached at Chandrashila at a height of 13000 ft. We have seen a spectacular sunrise their.  At around 6.30 we have started from their at reached Chopta by 9.00 am. After taking breakfast at Chopta we have reached at Sari by Sahred car. We have taken a 3 bedded room at Rs 800 per day at Sari. Altitude 6554 ft.
On 30.9.2017 morning 4.20 am we have started for Deoria tal and reached there at 6.00 after a trek of 2.5 km at an altitude of 2438m. Entry pass was Rs 150 per person. At around 8.00 am we came down at Sari. After taking breakfast at Sari we booked a car for Rudraprayag at Rs 2000 and reached their at 11.00 am. From Rudraprayag we have taken a shared car and reached Rishikesh at 5.00 pm. We have taken a double bedded room at Parash Plaza at Rs 2500 per day.
On 1.10.2017 we have seen Arati at Rishikesh.
On 2.10.2017 we have taken a bas at reached Haridwar by 11.00 am. We have stayed at Shachin International Rs 1500 
On 3.10.2017 at 4.00 am we catch our train and reached Burdwan at 7.00 am on 5.10.2017.

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